Show 436, July 31, 2021: Artisan with Chief Executive Baker Tarit Tanjasiri Part Two

Tarit Tanjasiri of Crema Cafe

“Two well known and beloved Orange County-based culinary brands, 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery, have come together to create ARTISAN, an elevated fast-casual restaurant and café (with drive-thru) newly launched in Fountain Valley (10065 Garfield Ave. in Fountain Valley). The concept, which builds on the popularity of the 7 Leaves brand with a focused, chef-driven menu and baked goods that highlight quality ingredients and attention to detail.”

“Upon entering the 3,000-square-foot restaurant and café, guests are immersed into an environment that revolves around chic European style, reminiscent of fine Parisian boulangeries, complete with a display of fresh-baked breads and pastries. ARTISAN focuses on authenticity and dedication to quality through every facet of the brand, beginning with its well-trained staff to provide the highest quality service and an attentive and educational approach to every guest.” “The culinary team, dedicated to presenting a chef-driven experience, is led by the masterminds behind local favorite, Crema Bakery.”

“The ARTISAN menu is innovative, energetic and authentic, with brunch-focused anytime dishes that are meant to suit a wide variety of palates. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Chad Urata, guests can indulge in a “Perfect” Omelette, Parisian Eggs Benedict, and classic Avocado Toast. Handheld dishes included a Bacon & Egg Sandwich and Mochiko Chicken Sandwich. Baked goods, made fresh daily, include a variety of breads, croissants, cookies, macarons, and the noteworthy Artisan Croffle.”

“While all of our baked goods are made by hand using the best ingredients – the most important being time – our stand-out offering is definitely the Artisan Croffle,” observed Tanjasiri, who explained that his baguettes have a 48-hour preparation time and are made with only flour, water, salt, and yeast. “Croffle is a portmanteau of Croissant and Waffle, since we take our signature croissant dough and cook it in a waffle iron, rather than the oven to create a unique item that is crisp, yet flaky and buttery all at once. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever had.”

Tarit Tanjasiri continues with a Mochiko Chicken Sandwich (panko crusted mochiko chicken) in hand.

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