Show 8: December 8, 2012: Gisele Perez

Contributor to OKRA, the official publication of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and a New Orleans native. Also is the chef/proprietor of Small Pleasures, a full service boutique catering company based in Los Angeles/

Oysters Rockefeller is a perfectly rich dish for the Holiday table. It originated at Antoine’s in New Orleans. Last Spring, Gisele revisited Antoine’s to get a fresh take on this classic dish.

New Orleans food writer Tom Fitzmorris shared with her his replica recipe for Antoine’s Oysters Rockefeller as contained in his book, Hungry Town, A Culinary History of New Orleans. Fitzmorris confided that it took him over 50 tries to develop a recipe that he was satisfied with. He must have been on the right track because a “fifth generation proprietor of Antoine’s calls it “embarrassingly close” to the real thing.” Surprisingly bacon and spinach are not in the original classic recipe!

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