Show 99, November 29, 2014: The Solvang Bakery

Solvang has five traditional Danish bakeries turning out their cravable specialties including the famous butter cookies sold by the tub. As it turns out each also has a standout creation which is their signature.

Susan Halmes of Solvang BakeryFor the Solvang Bakery (now a Family affair with the 2nd generation involved) it’s gingerbread and jalapeno chile cheese bread. Their ornate and personalized gingerbread houses are shipped all across the country for the Holidays. True edible artistic creations…They are also known for their special occasion and distinctive wedding cakes.

Founder and 30-year master baker Susan Halmes shares her sweet story. Her recipe for success starts with “(2) heaping tablespoons Passion for delicious things to eat. From there it’s (1) cup (packed) love of family…

December is the annual Solvang Julefest (Yule-Fest.) The Solvang Bakery is part of this with gingerbread decorating classes for all ages. Great Family fun…


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