Show 249, November 25, 2017: Deepa Thomas, Deepa’s Secrets – Slow Carb / New Indian Cuisine Continues…

Deepa ThomasIn Deepa’s Secrets Deepa shares more than seventy recipes that are as mouthwatering and seductive as they are healthy and healing. Combining Western cooking techniques, new research on gut health and weight loss, and drawing on Ayurvedic wisdom (“When diet is right, medicine is of no need; and when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use”). The recipes Deepa developed allowed her and her husband to each lose more than twenty pounds and her husband to be free from a ten-year dependence on insulin shots.

A graduate of Delhi University with degrees in journalism and political science, Deepa Thomas moved to the US and, in 1985, founded Deepa Textiles. After 21 years and 23 design awards, the company has been credited with transforming the $10 billion a year contract furniture industry.

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