Show 249, November 25, 2017: Show Preview with Co-Host Andy Harris

Now a salivating preview of this Saturday’s ample Thanksgiving Weekend Show. No leftovers…it’s a fresh show. It’s not, with profuse apologies, for dieters. If we’re successful we will always leave you incredibly hungry and thirsty. In our case, upon careful reflection, that’s probably a pretty good thing…

Vina Ardanza, the iconic wine of Spain’s La Rioja Alta, S.A., celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. In September the President of La Rioja Alta, S.A., Guillermo de Aranzabal Agudo, was in the USA for a brief key city tour to celebrate. The United States is an important market for them. He’s on the line this morning from Spain to chat with us.

In it’s 2nd season on KCET is “The Migrant Kitchen,” an Emmy-winning series. The 4-episode series explores how the next generation of chefs is creating cuisine inspired by the immigrant experience. Chef Diep Tran of Highland Park’s Good Girl Dinette is part of the upcoming “Beyond Pho” episode. We’ll meet her.

MaxLove Project is an innovative, grassroots nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond. MLP empowers families fighting childhood cancers and related life-threatening conditions with quality of life care, fierce foods, whole-body wellness resources, education and research. Co-Founder Audra Wilford is our guest.

Upon learning that rice and bread were the culprits for her husband’s Type 2 diabetes, entrepreneur Deepa Thomas deconstructed and reinvented her native Indian cuisine. She slow-carbonized family recipes, used Western cooking techniques, incorporated breaking-news research on gut health and weight loss, and even drew from her grandfather’s Ayurvedic wisdoms. After three months, Deepa lost twenty-five pounds and freed her husband from a ten-year-long routine of insulin shots. The impressive result is documented in the thoughtfully realized Deepa’s Secrets – Slow Carb New Indian Cuisine. Deepa returns to the “SoCal Restaurant Show” for an encore chat.

Our Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish, is a certified coffee devotee. We’ll talk in-depth about his favorite beverage. He also shares some insider’s coffee trivia that may surprise you.

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s show!

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