Show 415, March 6, 2021: Gourmandise Cooking School with Chef Clemence de Lutz

“Consistently regarded as one of the best cooking schools in Southern California, The Gourmandise School in downtown Santa Monica at Santa Monica Place offers hands-on recreational cooking and baking class for beginners to professionals, now exclusively online… until further notice! You learn classic techniques from their instructors in your very own home. Gourmandise has classes for adults, kids (6 and over), and teens.”

Classes are conducted via Zoom. Most sessions are 75 minutes to 2 hours long. The Gourmandise School sends class participants recipes, equipment needs and shopping lists.

“Together with co-founder Chef Clémence de Lutz’s culinary expertise, and partner Sabrina Ironside’s marketing and operations background, The Gourmandise School has a new vision to expand the consumer’s education and experience of how to create amazing meals and treats out of locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, using the very finest techniques.”

The virtual cooking classes have been so successful (and serve an appreciative audience of cooking enthusiasts outside of Southern California) that once in-person classes are again permissible at Gourmandise the virtual program will continue.

Chef Clemence de Lutz joins us whisk in hand.