Show 180, July 16, 2016: Burger Authority and filmmaker George Motz, The Great American Burger Book Part Two

George MotzBurger authority George Motz, author of the new Great American Burger Book – How to Make Authentic Regional Hamburgers At Home, continues…

Before George embarks on his cross-country regional burger tour in The Great American Burger Book he shares the recipes for “The Basics.” These include The Griddle-Smashed Classic Cheeseburger, The Flame-Grilled Burger, The Thick Pub Classic Burger and The Patty Melt.

Did you know The Pastrami Burger started right here in Southern California? It’s now a Regional Favorite in Utah. It’s the Greek Connection…Perhaps George will explain.

Chef Andrew gets the 411 on The Jersey Burger from his home State. It’s the addition of the Taylor pork roll to the burger which puts this in the league of World Class. The recipe (plus color photos) are in the book.

George Motz, Emmy Award–winning filmmaker and founder of the Food Film Festival, is also the author of Hamburger America and was hailed by the New York Times as a leading authority on hamburgers. His media credits include hosting Burger Land and Made in America (Travel Channel), and he has been a guest on Inside Edition, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and PBS, among others. He lives in Brooklyn.