Show 223, May 13, 2017: Remembering Harry & Marilyn Lewis’ The Hamburger Hamlet

Vintagfe Sunset Strip Hamburger Hamlet“The Better Burger” is all the buzz right now on restaurant menus but it’s not actually a new innovation. It started in Los Angeles in 1950 on The Sunset Strip with the founding of Harry & Marilyn Lewis’s Hamburger Hamlet.

By the time the Lewis’ sold the prominent enterprise in 1987 they were some 30 very busy company-owned units in California, Arizona, Chicago and the Washington, D.C. area.

The Hamlets were so popular at their height that in Beverly Hills (where the Lewis’ lived) there was a flagship Hamburger Hamlet on N. Bedford Dr. and another on S. Beverly Drive just below Wilshire within a short walk of each other. The popular Sunset Strip location (near the original Hamlet) was less than a mile away!

Marilyn passed away on May 3rd and we reminisce about the pioneering legacy of Hamburger Hamlet – “Known for Simply Marvelous Food & Drink.”


Show 198, November 19, 2016: The Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry Hanks & Jay Henderson

Bacon Blue Burger at Simmzy'sGrass-fed beef is of the moment right now. There is even a better burger concept promoting their grass-fed beef. Is it really better than the traditional corn-fed beef? What is the difference in flavor once the beef is cooked? Are there possible health benefits backed-up by science?

All beef cattle start on a diet of grass. At a certain point in their maturity some are finished on corn while other continue on grass. There is a difference in flavor and marbling.

Our incredibly knowledgeable Meatheads from West Cost Prime Meats (Jay Henderson and Terry Hanks) are back to enlighten us with differing (and informed) points-of-view.