Chasing the Yum on Veria Living

Jet Tila has done a number of cooking videos for Veria Living TV, VLTV offers the world’s largest lineup of new first-run, original programming; connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. And Jet’s just a part of it. Here’s some of his recipes from the series.

In this recipe, Jet builds a miso soup. Miso soup is served at most meals in Japan, especially breakfast. This recipe uses the healthful dashi broth as a base for an even richer flavor and greater nutritional value.

This next one is a unique take on Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Hoisin Peanut Sauce as Jet makes them Gluten Free! Jet rolls up some delicious shrimp spring rolls and a hoisin peanut dipping sauce. Included in the procedure are tips on how to properly prepare the rice vermicelli and rice paper for optimal results.

Here jet woks up a Thai chicken larb, showing us how to create this healthy and delicious dish from all natural ingredients.

learn how to make tasty sushi rolls in less than 2 minutes, and a few tips to look like a Japanese food expert. In this recipe, Jet transforms his special sushi rice into the very popular California roll and covers the basics of sushi etiquette.

In this recipe, Jet prepares the classic side dish vegetable fried rice, and includes brief notes on how to crack eggs and the difference between Japanese and Chinese soy sauces.

And here Jet concocts a traditional-style Japanese Teriyaki Salmon. Included in his demonstration of the process are tips on how to properly prepare and cook this fish.

Here Jet grills up Japanese eggplant or nasu, brushed with a miso sauce, for a simple, sweet & tangy main course.

n this example, Jet puts a very healthy spin on a classic Indian dish: Chicken Curry.

For our final course, Jet shows us how to prepare delicious and healthful sushi. After sharing his special technique for diagonal cuts of the fish, he demonstrates how to form the rice and apply the filet. Finally, he demonstrates how to properly eat sushi.

But we need something to wash this down with, don’t we? And Jet is able to provide the treat! Here’s his take on a classic Thai Iced Tea beverage.