Show 153, January 2, 2016: Winegrower David de Lancellotti, Formaglini Vineyards, Williamette Valley, Oregon Continues…

David de Lancelotti and Andy HarrisMaking great wine requires a basic passion for farming. We continue with winegrower David de Lancellotti of Formaglini Vineyards.

David brings a unique talent to both his wine growing style and his dedication to small hand-farmed Oregon Pinot Noir. True to the essence of the soil, the Formaglini Vineyard has used only Biodynamic and organic techniques since its planting in 2007. David is deeply passionate and faithful to his Italian roots and integrates these Old World learnings and practices throughout his Formaglini Vineyard wine experience.

“The Formaglini family (my grandmother Onelia) came from a small village in the hills outside Bologna. It was there in the small community of La Quercia that this wine, this dream, was born. The traditions that were passed from that generation to our de Lancellotti family today is the passion behind this wine. It is our family’s belief that what was once simple and true, just a generation ago, is even more real today. This vineyard project and the wine made here in Oregon is a tribute to all those who shaped and enriched our lives.” –David de Lancellotti