Show 212, February 25, 2017: Adam and Chef Scott Goldberg, Fresh Brothers – Pizza, Salad and Wings

Adam and Scott GoldbergHere’s a good one for you. There really are two brothers (Chef Scott and Adam Goldberg) at Fresh Brothers Pizza with 19 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. It’s really all about “Fresh” as even the dough is made fresh daily.

If you’re perhaps unfamiliar with Fresh Brothers, let us put it simply – a fresh, healthy California twist on Chicago-style pizza. The first Fresh Brothers location opened in 2008 and they’ve been dedicated to serving pizza, wings and salads packed with quality ingredients ever since.

“The word fresh is key to the Fresh Brothers brand in more ways than one – and it’s what makes them different from your average pizza point. With Chicago-style family recipes in hand, Adam and Debbie Goldberg successfully transformed menu items passed down by Scott Goldberg, with a fresh and healthy California twist.”

“They’re also known as an ideal place to bring the whole family, and were even recently nominated for a Red Tricycle Award for Best Places to Host a Kids Birthday Party. There’s no question this family-style business has kept their roots, but have in time transitioned into a successful family-friendly restaurant enterprise.”

“Fresh Brothers’ sauce is packed with 100% fresh tomatoes, no concentrate. Their mozzarella is all-natural with no fillers, additives or preservatives. The Fresh Kids Special, as featured on The Doctors television show, has a mix of five different finely-ground veggies blended into the pizza sauce. Plus, nothing on the menu is ever fried – their tasty wings, bites, and tenders, and even the Fresh Fries, are all baked.”

We’ll meet the Brothers Goldberg.