Show 262, February 24, 2018: Kerstin Kansteiner, Proprietress, Berlin Bistro, Long Beach

Kerstin KansteinerEver think much about the seemingly innocuous plastic straw? Ultimately plastic doesn’t belong in the ocean yet that’s where millions of straws end up poisoning the ocean with a non-biodegradable item and harmful to sea creatures.

Long Beach’s Berlin Bistro’s community-minded proprietress, Kerstin Kansteiner, is now taking the lead on making plastic straws “request only’ in a concerted effort to reduce straw pollution and “auto strawing.”

When a straw is really needed for a takeout beverage with a lid consider using one of the new versions of the improved biodegradable straws. There are also reusable metal straws available.

  • Americans go through 500 million plastic straws a day!
  • The USA can fill up 127 school buses with the straws we use every single day in this country

Kerstin joins us.