Show 178, July 2, 2016: John Rifkin, CEC, Senior Corporate Executive Chef, Morrison Community Living

John RifkinUpscale senior living facilities offering incredible amenities and delicious, healthy, chef-prepared food of restaurant quality represent a huge growth industry nationally. One of the industry leaders is Morrison Community Living. We’ll meet their Senior Corporate Chef, John Rifkin.

Chef Rifkin joined Morrison Community Living in 2004 as corporate chef. In this role Rifkin was able to support the many Morrison Senior Living communities throughout the country and help to show the value of both Morrison and Compass Groups’ robust sustainable seafood program nationally.

Chef Rifkin currently serves as Senior Corporate Executive Chef. Under his leadership he has been able to drive Morrison Community Living’s sustainable results even further, and along with his team of 10 Corporate Chefs, 24 Regional Chefs, and the over 400 plus chefs across the country to create very delicious sustainable seafood recipes.

Chef Rifkin knows that the generations entering Morrison Community Living communities have a very high expectation that they understand where their seafood and food comes from, but also that it is harvested responsibly as well.

Chef Rifkin collaborates with many food service organizations to support him to bring the very best ingredients to the seniors that Morrison Community Living prepares for. These guests have traveled the world, run Fortune 500 companies, and are master home chefs in their own right, cooking many meals for their family and loved ones throughout the years. Food Network is one of the most watched channels among Morrison Community Living’s residents.

Aging healthfully is a desire of Chef John’s Seniors. Working with nutritionists the aim is creating flavorful meals with less red meat and more seafood, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Something to be learned here…

Freshness is key, too. More and more of Morrison Community Livings’ expansive properties in 44 states have pastry chefs and bake shops. Yum…