Show 121, May 9, 2015: Working Class Kitchen and Executive Chef David Coleman

Working Class KitchenDavid Coleman is the executive chef and partner in the new Working Class Kitchen in Long Beach located on an industrial side street. This is the newest addition to the growing Michael’s Restaurant Group which includes Michael’s on Naples, Michael’s Pizzeria and Chianina Steakhouse.

“Michael” is Michael Dene. Before opening Michael’s on Naples in 2007 he had no previous restaurant experience.

It’s an unusual sustainable deli and butcher shop which also serves as the commissary for Michael’s Restaurant Group. It’s surely the only spot in town where you can enjoy a Chianina Beef Burger.

There is a Piedmontese Corned Beef Sandwich available on house rye with Sonoma pickles and Dijon.

It’s also a butcher shop with fine cuts and choice meats. You can buy Chianina beef by the pound or an entire Porchetta for your next backyard grilling party.

The motto of Working Class Kitchen is “Sine Labore Nihil.” That’s fancy Latin for “Nothing Without Work.”

Chef Coleman joins us to explain.

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