Show 156, January 23, 2016: Edmond Cartojano, Daily Food Feed

Edmond CartojanoOur Co-host, Chef Andrew Gruel is always talking about the impact of positive Social Media in driving guests to a restaurant. It’s a powerful tool…

A key Social Media influencer in Orange County is superstar foodie Edmond Cartojano of the Daily Food Feed blog. He’s food obsessed just like the rest of us. The influential Daily Food Feed on Instragram is less than a year old but Edmond has a four and one-half year background in restaurant public relations and marketing.

Edmond has an incredible 150,000 followers (and still growing) on Instagram and he’s not done yet. His passionate followers were all developed organically which adds more credibility to his efforts.

Edmond notes that food is emotional. The visuals on Instagram best showcase this.

We’ll get the scoop on how all of this came about and what’s in store for the future. We know Edmond loves ice cream, too, so there is a lot to chat about…


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