Show 478, June 11, 2022: Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project with Sherry Mandell and Sugarbear Bakes’ Steph Chen

Sherry Mandell and Stephanie Chen of Gather for Good

Gather for Good’s Co-founder, Sherry Mandell is also a partner in the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project. She is affectionally referred to as the “Fairy Grain Mother.” Sherry’s mission is “spreading glutenous joy far and wide.” Her Gather for Good Co-founder, artisan baker and pastry chef Stephanie Chen, operates Sugarbear Bakes. Pastry Chef Steph uses Tehachapi Grain flour in her incredibly delicious hand pies and cakes.

“The Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project’s aim is to preserve and grow heritage organic grains which are naturally drought tolerant and low in gluten.”

“Wheat and the other small cereal grains have been planted in the Golden State since the establishment of missions in the 1760s. Our Mediterranean climate is ideal to the growing of the annual grasses collectively known as grains. California once led the nation in barley production and was second in wheat production, but in the early 20th century grain farming began to be replaced by higher value orchards, vineyards, and row crops.”

“However, grains (especially heirloom varieties) tend to have very low water requirements, and remain well-suited for California. Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project is trying to bring back many different types of heirloom grains (non-GMO) for use by home cooks, chefs, bakers, and brewers.”

Sherry Mandell is at the Wednesday and Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Markets with the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project flour. She is based in the Weiser Family Farms stand. Pre-ordering is necessary via the website.

Sherry Mandell and Pastry Chef Stephanie Chen continue with us now providing an overview of the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project.

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