Show 552, November 18, 2023: Co-Host and Chef Andrew Gruel with “Ask the Chef”

Chef Andrew Gruel of Big Parm and the Calico Fish House

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel, the menu-maker behind the full-service Calico Fish House (in the Sunset Beach area of Huntington Beach) and also the founder and pizzaiola of the fast-casual Big Parm (New Jersey-style pizza) located in the Mess Hall in Tustin provides another timely and informative Ask the Chef segment where he responds to listeners’ thoughtful inquiries.

The Holidays are arriving soon and stress-free Holiday cooking is always the objective. As a working chef Andrew has plenty of experience with cooking wisely for the Holidays for both demanding guests and Family. Chef Andrew joins us with his continuing series of genuinely useful “Turkey Talk” cooking tips. Chef Andrew shares a simple recipe for cranberry sauce that easily outshines the version in the can. Also hints on preparing crave-worthy gravy that add excitement to the Holiday Table.

Check out his handy and practical cooking tips on Substack at “American Gravy.” There is a free level as well as a premium option with a modest cost.

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