Show 171, May 14, 2016: Chef Joseph Mahon, The Burger Parlor, Fullerton & Old Towne Orange Continues…

Joseph Mahon“Initially, Chef Mahon plied his sandwiches through food trucks and then a pop-up venue. “The first six months was a laboratory, improving consistency and getting guest feedback,” he reminisces. But changes in his personal life required a permanent address. “My daughter was on the way,” Mahon reveals, adding, “I stopped seeking out the next trend – I could chase that for 25 years.” He began to ask himself, “What’s more stable?”

“The answer was Burger Parlor, a location just around the corner from the pop-up site in Fullerton.”

“No matter what the burger combination, Mahon insists, “let the meat shine. Everything else is second, third or fourth.”

Chef Mahon generously shares his recipe for the Kali Burger on Pages 148 – 149 in West Coast Prime Meats Cooks – Professional Recipes For The Home Kitchen. West Coast Prime Meats is Chef Joseph’s source for the special antibiotic-free, Nebraska Beef he uses in his burgers.

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