Show 183, August 6, 2016: Chef Andrew Gruel, The Alligator Gar Makes a Comeback

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosIntroducing non-native fish to United States waters can disturb the existing delicate ecological balance. Such is the case of the fast multiplying Asian carp moving into the Great Lakes.

To the rescue may be the prehistoric-looking, and fast growing, alligator gar. According to the AP it can grow longer than a horse and heavier than a refrigerator. It’s previously been considered a trash fish. It used to thrive in this habitat before being decimated because the thought (later proven incorrect) was that it threatened sport fish.

Chef Andrew Gruel will explain all.

Also Chef Andrew previews the arrival of the new, limited menu Slapfish on the Concourse at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for Rams and USC Trojan football season! It’s unusually located in a converted, repurposed ocean-freight shipping container

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