Show 191, October 1, 2016: The “Meatheads” from West Coast Prime Meats – Aging Beef

Belcampo 100 Day Dry Aged BurgerWe’re hearing a lot from high-end steakhouses talking about premium, aged beef. There is even a butcher shop/restaurant locally highlighting a burger with a 100-day dry-aged beef patty. What should we know about aging beef?

How does aging improve the flavor or texture of beef? There is wet aging and dry aging. Is a prime streak aged 35-days really better than a cut which was only aged 7-days ? Is long aging really better? Our meat experts will explain all…

The Dry Aging Room at West Coast Prime Meats in Brea is an incredible sight. Most of their accounts prefer 45-days of dry aging. For chefs and restaurateurs a tour of the aging facility is only a phone call away. No strings attached…

Joining us to chat about aging beef are the “Meatheads” from West Coast Prime Meats, Jay Henderson and Terry Hanks. They have over 50-years of combined, hands-on experience in the business!


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