Show 148, November 28, 2015: GMO Salmon and Dungeness Crab with Chef Andrew Gruel

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosGMO (genetically modified organism) foods are a hot button topic with consumers. After a lengthy approval process the Food and Drug Administration has approved a farm-raised, genetically-modified Atlantic Salmon for sale in the United States. Approval took a very long time. The salmon was developed by AquaBounty Technologies.

Our resident seafood expert and Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, weighs in with what you need to be aware of. Is it okay to eat and safe for the environment?

This is the first GMO creature to be approved for sale as food for humans. It raises a lot of questions. Since this salmon is farm-raised in ocean pens Chef Andrew has one primary concern. If a GMO salmon escapes from a pen and then mates with a non-GMO salmon what is the result ? How would that potentially impact the environment?

The all-important Dungeness crab season has been delayed in California due to the presence of a toxic algae. This is a potential disaster in the making for California’s Dungeness crab fisherman. Oregon and Washington have also postponed their crab seasons.

For right now we can only source the coveted, seasonal Dungeness crab from Alaska and Puget Sound. Expect a price increase…Chef Andrew will explain the unfortunate ramifications.