Show 310, February 9, 2019: Documentary Filmmaker Kaylie Milliken, “Billion Dollar Bully” Continues…

Kaylie MillikenWe all know, and have probably used, the business review site, Yelp. Is it a trustworthy, objective business review site or an immensely lucrative platform for advertising? Where do Yelp! “Elites” fit into the picture? How reliable are their “honest” opinions?

“Billion Dollar Bully is an investigative documentary about Yelp that examines the claims by business owners of extortion, review manipulation and review fabrication. In this documentary you will meet business owners from across a broad spectrum, whose commonality is their allegations of Yelp’s questionable business dealings.”

“For years, Yelp has been accused of unethical business practices, all of which Yelp vehemently denies and chalks up as conspiracy theories.”

“Business owners and consumers deserve to see arguments for and against Yelp’s business tactics. After so much debate in the media, this challenging documentary is long overdue.”