Show 132, July 25, 2015: Chef Andrew Gruel on “Trash Fish”

Andrew GruelEarlier in his West Coast career Chef Gruel’s love of the ocean drove him to direct a non-profit project at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA called Seafood for the Future”. Here he worked with hundreds of chefs, fisherman and like-minded organizations establishing a national culinary awareness for the sustainable seafood movement.

Lesser-known fish species are just as tasty as the seafood stars and typically priced at a better value. (Nothing wrong with salmon but it can be kind of boring…) Unfortunately they are known as “trash fish.” Don’t let that regrettable name fool you. Smelt, sardines, and mackerel can be delicious. Also in the mix is Arctic char and US trout.

Chef Andrew politely suggests rebranding California sardines as “Petit Bass.” Certainly more attention-getting…

Chef Andrew is a big fan of sable fish and black cod, too.