Show 241, September 16, 2017: Catalina Offshore Products 40th Anniversary

Tommy GomesForty years ago, Catalina Offshore Products owner Dave Rudie spent most of his days diving for sea urchins and seaweed in the kelp beds of Catalina Island, selling his harvest right off his boat. Eventually he opened a small processing facility in San Diego, making local deliveries throughout the region and later exporting to Japan. Catalina Offshore Products has since grown steadily into one of the region’s premier seafood purveyors and one of the largest seafood buyers in San Diego.

Catalina’s Choice Solid Pack Tuna in Olive Oil (new product) features U.S. hook-and-line bigeye and yellowfin, both also referred to as “ahi”.

This premium, responsibly harvested tuna is wild caught in the Eastern Pacific by U.S. fishing vessels, landed in San Diego and processed and packed in the USA. Hand-cut and cooked once, it is all natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Though Catalina Offshore Products fresh, local, sustainably sourced tuna has always been a big seller, canning any unsold product enables them to ensure the precious resource is even more well-managed. Additionally, it celebrates San Diego’s beloved history. The city was once known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”!

Tirelessly passionate about seafood, Catalina Offshore Products resident fishmonger, Tommy Gomes, is our guest. Tommy also oversees COP’s busy Seafood Nutrition and Education Center, which includes the retail fish market!

Show 155, January 16, 2016: Collier Cook, Vice President, Activities, Santa Catalina Island Company

Collier Cook of Santa Catalina Island Company and Andy HarrisThink you really know the contemporary Catalina? Perhaps not…Catalina is not your Grandparents quaint island vacation getaway anymore. There is everything from zip lines to back country nature tours available. Food walking tours, too. There is even a producing vineyard with premium wines on Catalina now.

Collier Cook, Vice President, Activities, Santa Catalina Island Company, joins us with the update. This is the successor entity to the Wrigley Family’s ownership of Catalina Island.

The limited production Rusack wines from Catalina’s historic El Rancho Escondido are featured on the chef-driven Avalon Grille’s menu.

“We’re delighted to share our Island paradise with you, whether you’re a first time visitor or planning a return trip. Located just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is a picture perfect paradise and a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The air is refreshing, the water is clear, the community is casual and friendly, and there’s not one traffic light on the whole Island.

From the city of Avalon to the rustic Village of Two Harbors, experience the Island for yourself – from the rugged back country where buffalo roam, to the most stylish in dining experiences, to the adrenalin rush of thrilling adventures.”