Show 406, January 2, 2021: Niyaz Pirani, Knife & Spork Public Relations – Practical Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Niyaz Pirani of Knife and Spork Public RelationsNiyaz Pirani is a former OC Register and OC Weekly journalist who made the switch to Public Relations in 2015. He established Knife & Spork Public Relations to become one of Orange County’s respected social media marketing firms for restaurants. He focuses on photo and video content creation, targeted marketing, ad support and customer engagement. He believes “Every Restaurant Has a Story to Tell.”

With restaurants’ budgets being especially tight right now (and every dollar of expense needing to be justified) Niyaz joins us with an expert’s advice offering grass roots avenues for restaurants to promote themselves and get more relevant eyeballs focused on what the restaurants are offering. It’s difficult to gain awareness right now as the algorithms continue to take away organic reach.

He sees value in modest expenditures with both Facebook and Instagram organized with care. Niyaz also suggests on concentrating on reaching a restaurant’s local community.