Show 488, August 27, 2022: Rob Croxall, Founder and Head Brewer, El Segundo Brewing Co.

Rob Croxall of El Segundo Brewing Company

El Segundo Brewing is an independent craft brewery focusing on fresh, hoppy, West Coast IPAs. The Founder and Head Brewer is Rob Croxall. In May they celebrated their 11th Anniversary.

The festivities continue with their Oktoberfest 2022 Celebration on Saturday, Sept. 3rd starting at Noon. Last year they brought back Huftgold Festbier @ 5.8% (a taste of Munich) and it was so successful that it’s back in pint cans with a designed, real label.

Also in the Oktoberfest 2022 line up is Dunkel Bock, a collaboration style with John Palmer, the author of How To Brew. It’s a malty-rich German lager that was first brewed in Einbeck, Germany in the 14th Century. ESBC describes it as somewhere between a Marzen and a Dopplebock.

The on-site Mayberry Grill will be open serving Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and giant, freshly-baked pretzels from the renown Rockenwagner Bakery.

Rob Croxall joins us to tap the keg on the Oktoberfest festivities.