Show 174, June 4, 2016: Chef Andrew Gruel – Mercury in Fish

Andrew Gruel and his son WilliamThere is a legitimate concern about rising mercury levels in certain seafood. No reason to panic. Our resident seafood authority, Chef Andrew Gruel, joins us to separate the honest truth from fanciful (and alarming) fiction. Find out what you really need to be concerned about. Remain calm…

From Chef Andrew’s informed perspective there are only a handful of fish to be potentially concerned about. The FDA has specific dietary guidelines. Keep in mind these cautions are also predicated by where the fish was caught and its age.

  • Tile Fish (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Shark
  • Swordfish (certain types)
  • King Mackerel

This doesn’t mean don’t eat these types of fish. Just don’t overdo it with massive consumption…

Keep in mind seafood should absolutely be part of a balanced & healthy diet.