Show 500, November 19, 2022: Show Preview with Executive Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris

“The mission of California’s Sterling Caviar is to produce the finest sustainable, California farmed white sturgeon and caviar roe in an environmentally responsible manner that respects the species, the environment, their communities, staff, and customers. They want their chefs to have a product that supports the current culture of transparency that consumers demand. Sterling contributes to research to grow the wild population of California’s sturgeon- they are one of only two populations globally, listed as “of least concern”. California-based Sterling Caviar currently offers five grades of white sturgeon caviar. Their caviar is graded by egg size and texture, and – in the case of their Imperial grade only – by color.” Jeff Sedacca, Sterling Caviar’s Chief Executive Officer, takes a break from packing the golden colored Imperial Caviar and joins us.

Tara “Teaspoon” Bench’s newest cookbook (and just in time for the Holidays) is Delicious Gatherings – Recipes to Celebrate Together. “Here is your invitation to step into the kitchen and create a meal worth remembering! Tara Teaspoon helps you impress guests and gather friends around your table with recipes for elevated everyday meals and special holidays, plus helpful tips and how-tos. This cookbook aims to bring joy, flair, and amazing taste to all your get-togethers. Tara brings her comforting-but-elevated approach to recipes that cover “Main Events,” “Serious Sides,” “Breakfast and Brunch,” and “Baking and Sweets.” The book opens with “Gather-Around Dinners,” which takes the stress out of meal planning with full-course menus for memorable gatherings.” Tara “Teaspoon” Bench is our guest with whisk securely in hand.

Hedonistas de la Fe mezcal of Oaxaca, Mexico is made in small batches according to a 500-year-old tradition. The agave is hand harvested and toasted in earthen mounds, mashed with a stone wheel, and fermented in traditional open-air wooden vats. In every step quality and tradition guide Hedonista. Their Maestro Mezcalero, Gerardo “Kim” Santiago Hernandez, brings three generations of experience and love into the making of Hedonistas mezcals. Steeped in tradition he works his magic to bring the consumer the best mezcal in every batch. All four of the Hedonista varietals embody unique flavors reflecting the terroir and craftsmanship of proprietary family recipes from their Master Mezcalero, Gerardo “Kaín” Santiago Hernandez.” Co-founder Bhalin Singh (also a chef) is our guest to uncork all that is Hedonista de la Fe mezcal.

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel, the Founder of Big Parm (New Jersey-style pizza), Two Birds and the soon to launch, full-service Calico Fish House (in Huntington Beach) provides another timely and informative “Ask the Chef” segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries. The final countdown to Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24th continues. As an experienced restaurant chef with serious fine-dining experience Chef Andrew wants all home cooks to have a stress-free and uneventful Thanksgiving. Chef Andrew now shares his concluding morsels of genuinely useful Thanksgiving cooking tips. Creative side dishes truly make the Thanksgiving table and Chef Andrew, of course, has some added tasty thoughts. Is there perhaps a better alternative to the traditional jellied cranberry than what comes out of the can? You bet. We’ll ask the chef…

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s not-to-miss show!

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