Show 579, May 25, 2024: Dominic Palmieri, The Midway Gourmet at the L.A. County Fair

Dominic Palmieri of Midway Gourmet

Outrageous Fair Food is always a mouthwatering highlight. What crazy edible will they next put on a stick? One of the all-star, Fair Food personalities is the well-traveled Midway Gourmet, Chef Dominic Palmieri of Biggy’s fame on the RCS Carnival Midway. We’ll find out what indulgent deliciousness Chef Dominic is cooking up now for the closing weekend of the Los Angeles County Fair and beyond.

Then it’s on to the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar (June 12th) and the OC Fair launching on Friday, July 19th. We’re taking Fair Food at its tastiest best with The Midway Gourmet.

On& Chef Dominic’s menus are a Dill Pickle Split with Pineapple Whip, a Candied Pickle and Candied Watermelon Slice, Peaches and Cream Funnel Cake and Nashville Chicken Tots. Yum…!

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