Show 88, September 13, 2014: Executive Chef Rahm Fama

Rahm FamaChef Rahm Fama of Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes” is Saturday’s guest host. His new cookbook is Meat and Potatoes – Simple Recipes That Sizzle and Sear. He’s also the Corporate Chef at US Foods.

Chef Rahm grew up on a ranch in Santa Fe and cooked his way through Austin, Phoenix, Scottsdale, New York, Colorado Springs, and St. Lucia. Most recently he was the executive chef at The Lodge at Vail. He knows meat and the art of butchering.

“Armed with a cast-iron skillet and the best ingredients he can find, meat –loving chef Rahm Fama serves up a fresh take on chuck wagon cuisine in Meat and Potatoes – Simple Recipes That Sizzle and Sear for flavorful meals you can enjoy no matter where you are.”

“Inspired by his early years on a Southwest cattle ranch, he followed his carnivorous curiosity across the country, seeking the choicest cuts and best ways to cook them. There’s nothing like the thrill of throwing a pat of butter in a hot pan and searing a perfect steak, or grilling a pork chop, or braising chicken. Meat and Potatoes presents 52 irresistible and simple meals – one for every week.”

Using this link enables you to buy a personally autographed copy of Chef Rahm’s book. You’ll get it inscribed just as you wish. Ten percent of the proceeds benefit the good work of the non-profit Food Finders. That’s a good deal with benefits…

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