Show 166, April 2, 2016: “Organic” Seafood with Chef Andrew Gruel

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosWhen it comes to fresh seafood the term “Organic” is starting to be thrown around quite regularly as a buzzword. With fish and other seafood what does organic really mean? Are there even accepted standards for using this on a label? We’ll find out…

Our own resident seafood authority, Chef Andrew Gruel, will clear the haze for us on this one.

The United States Department of Agriculture sets the standards in the United States for what “Organic” means. Unfortunately, these standards have not been established for seafood. In other words when you see the label “Organic” on fresh seafood in America it’s meaningless.

Next there is the issue of whether wild caught seafood could ever be labeled organic. Since you can’t control what the fish ate before being caught the answer is “probably not.” Know your seafood supplier…

Most of the seafood we consume in the United States is now safely farm-raised. Can this ever conceptually be organic? Possibly, if the fish is raised on vegetarian, organic feed.


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