Show 228, June 17, 2017: Pechanga’s Assistant Executive Chef, Damian Stanley

The Team from Umi Shushi and Oyster Bar winning the 2017 Peachanga Resort and Casino Chili CookoffLast Saturday was the 9th Annual Pechanga Microbrew Festival & Chili Cook-Off in Temecula wine country. Chef Marlene Moore’s (Temptations Food Walk) back-to-back wins (2015 & 2016) as Pechanga’s resident Chili Champ was again on the line…

Joining us with the outcome of this heated battle for “Best Chili” (and a full-year of bragging rights) is Pechanga’s Assistant Executive Chef Damian Stanley (a two-time Chili Champ himself in 2013 & 2014.)

Only 10 votes separated the top 2 chili creations!



Show 227, June 10, 2017: Chef Marlene Moore, Temptations Food Walk, Pechanga Resort & Casino

Marlene Moore at the Pechanga Wine FestivalChef Marlene Moore of the Temptations Food Walk at Pechanga is the 2-time, defending Chili Champ among the highly-talented chefs at Pechanga. For Saturday’s competition she is showcasing two chili creations. One creation is vegetarian made with tofu. Bragging rights are on-the-line.

All of the menu items at Temptations ranging from authentic Chinese stir-fry to Pechanga fried chicken are conveniently available to-go, too.

The offerings include Caffee Cocoa – Fine Coffees & Chocolates, Pronto Italiano, Agave Mexican Delights, American Classics, Little Wok Asian Specialties, Pechanga Fried Chicken and a Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) cart.

We talk about crowd pleasing, award-winning chili (and more) with the always engaging Chef Marlene.



Show 227, June 10, 2017: Chef Damian Stanley, Assistant Executive Chef, Pechanga Resort & Casino

Danian StanleyChef Damian Stanley is the Assistant Executive Chef at Pechanga. The highlight of his numerous achievements to date is the revamping of the restaurant space that has evolved into the highly successful Umi Sushi & Oyster Bar.

Umi means “sea” in Japanese. On the extensive menu are sushi, sashimi, nigiri, rolls, oysters on the half shell, seafood platters, specialty cocktails and so much more.

He’s also a two-time Pechanga Chili Champ (2014 & 2015) but has gracefully retired from competition to let the individual restaurant chefs have a clear field.

The two new restaurants at Pechanga as part of the ambitious expansion will include an outdoor poolside bar & grill and a Lobby restaurant.