Show 351, December 14, 2019: Jalisco (Mexico) Tourism with Under Secretary Rocio Lancaster

Under Secretary of Jalisco Tourism, Rocio LancasterThe Under Secretary of Jalisco Tourism, Rocio Lancaster, joins us by phone from Guadalajara to highlight the merits of Jalisco as the destination that encompasses the best of Mexico – from cosmopolitan scenes of Guadalajara to the beach resorts of Puerto Vallarta. Food and libation (the home of Tequila) tourism are a major attraction.

“Jalisco is made up of 125 municipalities, eight of which have the Pueblo Magico badge. Today Jalisco is distinguished by the great diversity that surrounds its geography. Both in terms of weather, being able to go from the warm beach to the fresh forest in a few hours on the way, as in the possibility to visit large, cosmopolitan cities, or get lost in alleys full of crafts and tradition.”

Show 13, January 19, 2013: Delilah Snell, home canning and preservation (continued)

Delilah is also organizing the Craftcation Conference in Ventura from March 21 to 24, 2013. It’s a conference with workshops in business, arts, crafts and foods.

Also discussed was the new Cottage Food Act which lets home producers of certain artisan food products sell their products. Health Dept. inspection is necessary.