Show 333, July 20, 2019: Golden Road Brewing Co’s Brewmaster Victor Novak and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres Part Two

Victor Novak and Steven Torres of Golden Road Pub OCTime for another effervescent installment of Ask the Brewers” where we answer listeners’ questions about craft beer. Continuing with us is Golden Road’s uber-accomplished Brewmaster, Victor Novak and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres.

Golden Road in space at the International Space Station to celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon…???

“In honor of the Lunar Landing 50th anniversary, we brewed 4 amazing beers using malt that was sent into SPACE! Available right now in the pub and as part of a specialty “Space Flight” that includes a Moon Pie!”

Limited availability on Chef Henry’s house-baked, Moon Pies. When they are gone that’s it…

GALAXY SMASHA, single hop IPA with Galaxy. 6.7% | IBU 45
BIG DIPA, Double IPA with notes of honeydew, marmalade and apricot. 9% | IBU 52
DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Schwarzbier, german style black lager, roasty and smooth 5.2% | IBU 15
SPACE JAM, Catharina style sour wheat ale with Raspberries and boysenberries. 5.7% | IBU 5