Show 392, September 26, 2020: Produce Expert Robert Schueller of Melissa’s on Halloween Entertaining

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA StudioOur friends at Melissa’s World Variety Produce are again hauntingly clever in putting together a complete package of inspired party ideas and fun, healthy recipes to make your socially distanced Halloween celebration the ultimate ghostly gathering.

It all starts with Melissa’s exclusive selection of Freaky Fruits. These delicious items (exotic and tropical fruits) include Kiwano Melon, Dragon Fruit, Jackfruit, Blood Oranges, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Papaya, Pomegranates, Rambutans, Cherimoya, and Finger Limes.

The Melissa’s chefs have created a fiendishly clever collection of hauntingly delicious recipes for your Halloween entertaining. Don’t miss the Freaky Fruit Salad and the Dragon Egg Stew punch with cactus pears, apple cider, and rambutans.

Adults are part of the Halloween festivities, too, with the Zombie-rita. It’s a kiwano melon cocktail with tequila, Gran Marnier and a squeeze of lime.

All the easy-to-follow recipes and tips are @

Our resident produce authority Robert Schueller (also known as the Prince of Produce) provides the fun & squishy facts on Freaky Fruits for inspired Halloween entertaining.

Show 254, December 30, 2017: Melissa’s Robert Schueller (a.k.a “The Prince of Produce”)

Melissa's Robert Schueller at the SoCal Restaurant Show 5th AnniversaryFruits and vegetables are delightfully moving to the center of the plate in more and more restaurants. Chef are intrigued with the possibilities. What produce items were hot in 2017? What’s now trending for 2018? Our resident Prince of Produce, the esteemed Robert Schueller of Melissa’s World Variety Produce, joins us with all the delicious and farm-fresh intel.

Kiwano Melon is one of the Top 10 specialty produce items for 2017 based on sales. Once grown only in New Zealand, Melissa’s Kiwano Melons are now grown in California as well. Consumers are drawn to these intriguing, yet versatile tropical fruits whose look easily captures attention. The spiky, orange colored shells of Kiwano Melons encase a soft, succulent bright green flesh. Melissa’s Kiwano Melons are mild in flavor and similar in taste to juicy, seed-filled cucumbers. Once peeled, Melissa’s Kiwano Melons can be tossed in fresh fruit salads or served as a garnish with roasted meats.

There is a new, exciting variety of Dragon Fruit coming into the marketplace from Ecuador. It’s pleasantly sweet and yellow-skinned.