Show 300, December 1, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group, “Ask the Chef”

Andrew and William GruelOur own Chef Andrew Gruel joins us with another informative “Ask the Chef” segment. With the Holidays upon us it’s great to have a real working chef in our corner with helpful advice!

Chef Andrew will give us some advice on what knives you really need for the home kitchen and his creative picks for the best, affordable kitchen gadgets for Holiday Gifting.

Show 62, February 22, 2013: Jet Tila with your questions and his answers

KnivesWe get questions…

Chef Jet responds to an assortment of inquiries from the overflowing e-mailbag. Jet talks about safety concerns with raw chicken and the selection process (and recommendations) for proper knives in the home kitchen. Jet believes in keeping it simple. You can actually do well in the home kitchen with just three different knives.