Show 358, February 2, 2020: Melting Pot Food Tours Part One

Scalia Sisters of Melting Pot Food ToursOne of the best ways to come to know a city is through its food. When we go to a new city we’ve found our best insiders introduction is by partaking of a highly regarded, local food walking tour. One of the premier food walking tour operators locally is the long-established Melting Pot Food Tours. The principals are Lisa and Diane Scalia (sisters.) The Scalias hospitably lead the background tour for us.

“Melting Pot Food Tours offers delicious food tasting tours throughout the LA area that will indulge your taste buds and delight your senses! Whether you’re looking to explore the Original Farmers Market and the eclectic Third Street area of mid-city Los Angeles, discover the vibrant past of Old Pasadena, or enjoy a fabulous guided tour through the flavors of East Los Angeles, Melting Pot Food Tours will be your guide.”

Show 248, November 18, 2017: Lindsay Prime, Founder, Vallarta Food Tours

Lindsay PrimeOne of the best ways for a first-time visitor to understand and appreciate the cuisine of a city is to explore the area on a local food tour. The premier operator in Puerto Vallarta is Vallarta Food Tours.

Vallarta Food Tour’s mission is to help visitors and residents alike enjoy the best that Vallarta has to offer by highlighting off-the-beaten path, “non-touristy” food and drinks along with a local insight of its treasures. Our love of Puerto Vallarta and Mexican culture inspired us to create the city’s finest culinary tour. We sampled the perfect mole, sipped on succulent tuba water and tasted fresh coconut from arguably the best coconut vendor in the country.”

Vallarta Food Tours’ Co-Founder Lindsay Prime is our tour guide.

“My husband (Paul Mayer) and I started the food tour after realizing a need for connecting people to some of the local, off the beaten path eateries in Vallarta. Mexico has some of the best food in the world. Such great history and culture associated with it. Many people come and want to try local food, but are unsure where to start. We are able to showcase in about 3 hours a great feel for Puerto Vallarta through walking the streets, showcasing some interesting tidbits, and eating amazing local food. Our guests leave feeling much more connected to Vallarta, ready to continue exploring on their own. It’s very rewarding for us, as we are not only having fun showing off our town, our delicious food, and creating more fans, we are supporting small local businesses.”