Show 358, February 2, 2020: Melting Pot Food Tours Part One

Scalia Sisters of Melting Pot Food ToursOne of the best ways to come to know a city is through its food. When we go to a new city we’ve found our best insiders introduction is by partaking of a highly regarded, local food walking tour. One of the premier food walking tour operators locally is the long-established Melting Pot Food Tours. The principals are Lisa and Diane Scalia (sisters.) The Scalias hospitably lead the background tour for us.

“Melting Pot Food Tours offers delicious food tasting tours throughout the LA area that will indulge your taste buds and delight your senses! Whether you’re looking to explore the Original Farmers Market and the eclectic Third Street area of mid-city Los Angeles, discover the vibrant past of Old Pasadena, or enjoy a fabulous guided tour through the flavors of East Los Angeles, Melting Pot Food Tours will be your guide.”

Show 317, March 30, 2019: Author Elisa Callow, The Urban Forager

Elise CallowThe Urban Forager by Elisa Callow showcases one of California’s richest and most rapidly expanding culinary cultures : the Eastside of Los Angeles.

“When visitors to Los Angeles think of food in the city, they think Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Malibu…the Westside of town. But author and arts educator Elisa Callow spent years exploring the communities in her neighborhood on the Eastside of Los Angeles and learning about the chefs and stores in little-known areas that no one was talking about. She put all that love and research together in her new cookbook, The Urban Forager: Culinary Exploring & Cooking on L.A.’s Eastside (Prospect Park Books/Hardcover)”

“Los Angeles has an unending number of flavors, culture, and food possibilities—many of which are tucked within the checkerboard of neighborhoods on the city’s Eastside,” explains Elisa Callow. “I realized that to even begin to appreciate the various cuisines emerging and flourishing in Los Angeles requires time, respect, and attention. My urban foraging adventure yielded a deeper connection with the communities I explored—one of the most gratifying outcomes of my obsession. The chefs, cooks, and stores owners I met and include in this book offer a hint of the variety of delicious and unique food representing the diverse communities of L.A.’s Eastside.”

“Part cookbook, part guide to foraging the best L.A. has to offer, The Urban Forager is a compelling bridge to the unfamiliar, inspiring readers to enrich their culinary repertoire by foraging in own their communities.”

Author, passionate cook and food explorer, Elisa Callow is our guide.

Elisa is performing a cooking demonstration and book signing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the campus of the University of Southern California on Sunday, April 14th @ 11:00 a.m. on the Cooking Demonstration Stage.

Show 12, January 5, 2013: Linda Kissam, Food, Wine & Travel Journalist, First Vice President of International, Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

Linda is a well-traveled, travel writer who appreciates food and wine. In 2012 she was probably on the road more days than she was home.

Linda will be part of a travel writers’ panel on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 13th on the Culinary Stage at the 8th Annual Travel & Adventure Show at the Long Beach Convention Center. Discount tickets @ the Travel and Adventure Show Website if you use Promo Code – LAMEM1

Linda shared a great tip for understanding the food culture of a new place she visits. To get a feel for the food she books herself on a food walking tour of the area. (Some of these tours are also done by van depending on the geography and the distances involved.) These tours are typically conducted by locals who really care about representing their communities properly. The restaurants are delighted to welcome new guests and aim to impress.

In the L.A. area Linda recommends Melting Pot Food Tours. Linda has previously enjoyed their excursions into Old Pasadena and East Los Angeles.

The highlight of Linda’s travels last year was a foodie foraging outing and dinner in Bellingham, Washington. The group, working with a wilderness guide, worked in a nearby forest that morning to gather edible ingredients. The collection of edibles was delivered to Ciao Thyme restaurant in Bellingham. The owner/chefs there then created a superb multi-course repast from the raw ingredients. Pretty incredible…