Show 144, October 31, 2015: Kyle Meyer, Co-Proprietor, The Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeWine pricing in restaurants whether it be by the glass or bottle can be a bit of a mystery with respect to value. Shouldn’t restaurants be encouraging their guests to order a glass of wine as a prelude to their meal?

Our delightfully opinionated wine authority, Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange, has some definite thoughts on the matter. If the value isn’t there in restaurant wine then Kyle’s concern is about losing touch with the new wave of young wine drinkers. They will simply migrate over to craft beer and cocktails.

A pedestrian red or white, wine-by-the-glass could start at $12.00 per glass in a better restaurant. If the business model of the restaurant is to recover the cost of that wine with the first pour then Kyle makes the point that there is a lot of great wine out there that a restaurant can buy wholesale for $12.00 per bottle. In general some restaurants could do a lot better with their by-the-glass programs. It’s worth the effort.

We’ll pull the cork on this emotional discussion with Kyle.…