Show 124, May 30, 2015: Anne Marie Panoringan, OC Weekly Continues…

Anne Marie PanoringanWe’re continuing with OC Weekly’s Anne Marie Panoringan who just returned from Portland, a new foodie paradise.

On the national doughnut scene Portland’s Blue Star Donuts is a revered cult favorite. We’ll hear about “Doughnuts for grown-ups.”

Anne Marie’s timing is impeccable. Blue Star Donuts is coming to Venice’s Abbott Kinney Avenue later this summer. It’s their first U.S. expansion outside of Portland! Looking for that Hard Apple Cider Fritter…

PSU Farmers Market and the upscale bars at both The Ace Hotel and The Heathman Restaurant and Bar are also on the menu. It’s seems the luxe Heathman Hotel is a location in both the book and movie versions of 50 Shades of GrayCertainly a good excuse to create a signature cocktail around.

It’s definitely time for a food holiday escape in Portland.

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