Show 287, August 25, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Founder, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andrew and William GruelChef Andrew Gruel, the founder of The Slapfish Restaurant Group, joins us with another installment of Ask the Chef.”

Consider the poor, misunderstood sardine. There is actually a lot more to it than what is packed in a flat tin with olive oil, tomato sauce or mustard.

Fresh sardines (when available) grilled, fried or broiled are a treat. The great aspect to note is that with sardines you don’t have to worry about the bones and the fish is both healthy to enjoy and sustainable. Sardines grow fast. When fresh are not available the packaged, flash frozen version work well, too.

When you’re buying the flat tins of sardines Chef Andrew prefers them packed in tomato sauce.

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