Show 12, January 5, 2013: Cathy Thomas, long-time, award-winning Food Journalist for The Orange County Register and best-selling author (Continued…)

Melissa's 50 Best Plants on the Planet CookbookCathy’s new book in hardcover is Melissa’s 50 Best Plants On The Planet: The Most Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Vegetables, in 150 Delicious Recipes. It’s from Chronicle Books.

This is a wonderful reference volume which shows the reader how to properly prepare and enjoy the delicious fruits and vegetables profiled with ease.

This isn’t a diet book. It’s just great info about how to enjoy more satisfying fruits and vegetables in your diet and simply feel better.

Many of the recipes use meat. There is also a vegetarian option included at the end of each recipe.

The hard-cover book features beautiful full page color photos of the produce items along with thoroughly tested recipes and loads of tips. Each recipe was tested by the Melissa’s culinary team of chefs in their own modern test/research kitchen.

Cathy highlighted Brussels Sprouts which are quite tasty when not overcooked. Her preferred cooking method is pan-searing them and then a gentle steaming to complete the process.

The book is available exclusively on-line at Melissa’s World Variety Produce’s website. Select Bristol Farms stores and Mother’s Markets also have the hardcover edition available. In the Spring a soft cover version (with French flaps) will be available.