Show 206, January 14, 2017: Food & Libation journalist, Anne Marie Panoringan, Contributor to OC Weekly

Anne Marie PanoringanThe always “in-the-know” Anne Marie Panoringan is a contributing writer for OC Weekly. She is also a widely-followed, authority on cocktails from the consumer point-of-view. Anne Marie joins us with a recap of her recent OC Weekly piece, Top 5 Orange County Cocktails of 2016, Anne Marie Edition!”

“Another year, another round of drinks. It’s a great time to love me some cocktails, because more places than ever have been pouring some of the best I’ve seen and tasted. We turn back the clock 300-ish days to recap on some of my favorites for the year. Any hey – they don’t all contain whiskey.”

One hint: “Pineapple Under the Sea at TAPS Fish House & Brewery ranks Number 5.

Show 152, December 26, 2015: Robert Schueller, Resident Produce Authority, Melissa’s / World Variety Produce Part One

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA StudioThere is just never enough time to keep up with our always informative resident produce guru, Robert Schueller of Melissa’s World Variety Produce. We’ll pick up where we left off in his last report just before Thanksgiving.

Looking ahead Robert will also share his Top 5 Produce Trends for the New Year. You will be surprised…

Number 5 is Brussels Sprouts. Number 4 is Passion Fruit. Number 3 is Tumeric which is gaining popularity outside of the Indian community for its health benefits. Number 2 is Mini-Cucumbers previously known (and ignored) as Persian cucumbers. Topping the charts at Number 1 is Sweet Young Coconuts primarily used from their fresh coconut water.