Show 141, October 10, 2015: Chef Andrew Gruel, Mussels and National Seafood Month

Andrew GruelIt’s National Seafood Month and as our Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel points out there is a massive deficit of seafood in the American diet. For example Americans, on average, only consume 16 pounds of seafood a year. Compare that to Japan where the average consumption per person is 170 pounds per year. “The SoCal Restaurant Show” encourages all of our listeners to enjoy more seafood as a part of their regular diet. It’s both tasty and healthy…

Mussels seem to be the forgotten and underappreciated mollusk in the United States. They are incredibly popular in Europe. The meat is a bit tougher than an oyster or clam but it’s still delicious with a mildly sweet flavor.

Mussels are an ancient food of early man going back over 20,000 years.

The “SoCal Restaurtant Show” was recently on Prince Edward Island in Canada. We enjoyed mussels there simply steamed in white wine, craft beer, and with tomatoes. The broth is equally delicious, too.

Our resident seafood authority, Chef Andrew Gruel, will spread the joy of mussels. They are really good eating. There is life beyond oysters !


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