Show 340, September 7, 2019: Show Preview with Co-Host Andy Harris

Now a thoughtful preview of Saturday’s scrumptious show. It’s not, with profuse apologies, for dieters. If we’re successful we will hopefully leave you incredibly hungry and thirsty. In our case that’s probably a pretty good thing… As always, we greatly appreciate you being a part of our loyal listening audience. Truly couldn’t do it without you.

La Posada de Santa Fe, a Tribute Portfolio Resort & Spa in Santa Fe, NM, with a rich history features, Julia – A Spirited Restaurant & Bar, their destination restaurant. La Posada’s Executive Chef, Tom Kerpon, escapes his busy kitchen for a chat.

There is a lot of spirited discussion among foodies about white meat and dark meat chicken. Dark meat chicken is clearly growing in popularity. Which is tastier? Is one perhaps even healthier? One of our resident Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Jay Henderson, joins us with his informed perspective. Who wants a flavorful drumstick?

Bracken’s Kitchen, a nonprofit dedicated to combating food insecurity in Southern California is committed to recovery, repurposing and restoring both food and lives through food rescue, culinary training, and community feeding program, will host its 2nd annual fundraiser to support healthy meals served to the impoverished in Orange County. The “Hungry Games 2.0” culinary competition will bring top local chefs together for an evening of food and wine in a live kitchen setting.” Founder Chef Bill Bracken of Bracken’s Kitchen joined by first time participant Chef Brian Huskey of Tackle Box – Local Grub Shack in Costa Mesa and Corona del Mar stirs the pot for us with all the enticing details.

“The eclectic food and spirits at Chapter One: the modern local in Santa Ana fuse the exotic with the traditional, always created with their own playful twist. The kitchen, led by executive chef Jason “Chicken Wang” Montelibano, features local, sustainable, seasonal and all-natural ingredients. The atmosphere blends the pleasures of elegant dining with the relaxed conviviality of a local pub.” Executive Chef Jason “Chicken Wang” Montelibano is our guest.

Taco Rosa, Chef Ivan Calderon’s upscale Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach, will host its 7th Annual Battle of the Tequileros on Sunday, September 22nd from 4-8 p.m. Bringing together 34 different tequila and mezcal brands, the celebratory event will benefit Operation of Hope Worldwide, a local non-profit providing free, life-changing surgeries and health care for children and adults in under-served areas of the world, while creating a self-sustaining program of hope through education.” Chef Ivan artfully uncorks the tequila for us.

Time for another effervescent installment of “Ask the Brewers” where we answer listeners’ intriguing questions about craft beer. Joining us is Golden Road’s uber-accomplished Brewmaster, Victor Novak, and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres. We’re talking about Oktoberfest beers.

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s not-to-miss show!

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