Show 297, November 10, 2018: The Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry Hanks & Jay Henderson

Diestel Turkey Ranch from West Coast Prime MeatsThe Holidays are fast approaching and it’s time for the return of our Meatheads (Terry and Jay) from West Coast Prime Meats with more practical advice on stress-free Holiday entertaining. The Meatheads are both serious home cooks so they really know the territory.

Jay shares his perfected Family recipe for Dry-Aged Pork Rib Roast with Apple – Mustard Glaze. Jay happily cooks with is wife, Tawnya, on weekends.

Terry is talking turkey…On his Holiday menu is a clever Turkey Roulade and his version of Osso Bucco using Turkey instead of Veal.

Terry Hanks and Jay Henderson (The Meatheads) join us.


Show 297, November 10, 2018: Kim Malek, Co-Founder, Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Kim MalekLast month Portland-based boutique ice cream maker Salt & Straw opened their first location in Downtown Disney in Anaheim. It replaced a familiar, franchised premium ice cream scoop shop whose worldwide brand is owned by a giant, multinational food corporation.

In May 2001 Kim Malek and her cousin and head ice cream maker Tyler Malek started their own small business, Salt & Straw Ice Cream serving eight flavors from a humble cart in NE Portland. Today the company is the largest small batch ice cream company in the world numbering scoop shops in Portland, greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego. Also unusually available in pints in New York City at Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group’s Daily Provisions.

“Our story is part luck, part strategy and part love (for ice cream, family, local foods, and other stuff we can’t mention here). I (Kim) have been wanting to open an ice cream scoop shop since 1996. I thought it would be nice to have a local spot where you could run into your neighbors, celebrate with your family, reward yourself…whatever! And I love exploring fun, interesting new flavors. After toiling away in safe mode working for several amazing Fortune 500 businesses, I moved back to Portland for love and found the window of opportunity and support that I’d been lacking to jump start my idea.”

“In the meantime, my cousin Tyler had been studying in China and traveling in Asia. He completed his business degree and had just announced to the family that he was going to enroll in Culinary School. I actually saw a posting on Facebook that he was considering moving to Portland and phoned him up…not even knowing about his plans! We traded stories and updated each other – coming to realize we are on similar paths by coincidence. Next thing I knew, I was getting reports from Tyler regarding ice cream tests he was running with his friends and family as tasters. He had a million ideas and wanted to join me in this crazy idea. How could I resist? He literally dropped what he was doing, loaded up his car and drove to Portland from Seattle to start work as our head ice cream maker the very next day. I would probably be somewhere rocking back and forth in a corner without him. He’s amazingly talented, super smart, hard-working, and quite possibly the nicest person ever.”

“We’re hoping to create the kind of company that’s fun to support, work for, and partner with. We’re about building strong local community – both in the neighborhoods where we do business and by purchasing as many local products as possible (to keep our money in Oregon and help create stronger local economies).”

Co-Founder Kim Malek is our guest.


Show 297, November 10, 2018: Giorgio Pisano, Maitre d’Hotel, Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess

Giorgio PisanoAboard a luxury cruise ship dining is a paramount part of the guest experience. The person responsible for overseeing the guest dining experience in all the dining rooms aboard ship is the Maitre d’Hotel.

On Princess CruisesRuby Princess that individual is the charming Giorgio Pisano, a 42-year veteran of Princess. It’s a tough assignment with 3,000 guests to pamper in all the dining areas for every voyage. He graciously presides over very special occasion celebrations in the guests’ lives including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, renewal of vows and honeymoons.

Giorgio was born in a beautiful, small village in the South of Italy, Pizzo Calabro. His first posting with Princess was on the Island Princess (original) in 1976 as a Buffet Steward. He spent his vacations working in hotels in and around Italy. His eagerness for learning and achievement helped him move very quickly through the ranks until he was appointed to the position of Maitre d’Hotel in 1992.

Giorgio was elected to launch the largest ship in the world in 1995, the Sun Princess, making him the youngest Maitre d’Hotel on the biggest ship in the world at the time.

Giorgio takes a break from turnaround on the Ruby Princess at the Port of Los Angeles to join us.


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Nick Hirsch, Property Mixologist, Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula

Nick HirschWhat’s a destination resort and casino without creative and appealing libations? Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula wine country has just brought on staff a Property Mixologist with a background at high-volume Las Vegas establishments.

He’s already revamped the libation menus at three Pechanga outlets, including Lobby Bar & Grill. Look for the seasonal PSA (pumpkin spice and apple.) A new bar, Corner Bar, is soon on the way near the Pechanga Theater and High Limit Gaming Area. Look for a New Year’s Eve launch.

The Property Mixologist is Nick Hirsch and he’s shaking it up just for us.


Show 296, November 3, 2018: 15th Annual Hot Stove Dinner Series at Cannery Seafood of the Pacific, Newport Beach

Colby ReedyAs we bid farewell to the 2018 MLB season diehard baseball fan and Cannery Seafood of the Pacific and El Cholo restaurants owner Ron Salisbury is in the on-deck circle, preparing for his series of dinners with baseball greats that takes the field on November 6th.

The 15th annual Hot Stove League Dinner Series, named for the long winter months of the offseason when baseball fans gather around hot stoves to discuss their favorite teams and players, is being co-sponsored by Cannery Seafood of the Pacific and Angels Chairman Dennis Kuhl. The unique four-part dinner series, which runs through February 2019, allows fans to get their baseball fix during the offseason. Each dinner includes a cocktail meet-and-greet with a special guest speaker, an intimate three-course dinner with wine pairings, followed by the guest speaker sharing his or her favorite baseball stories and life experiences. Angels Chairman Dennis Kuhl is the MC.

Leading off this year’s series will be sportswriter Jane Leavy on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon will bat second on Thursday, Dec. 6, followed by former Manager Dusty Baker on Tuesday, Jan. 8th. Batting cleanup and closing the season will be former player and broadcaster Ron Fairly on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.

Ron Salisbury estimates that the Hot Stove dinners have raised more than $180,000 to benefit the Angels Baseball Foundation’s youth programs.

Colby Reedy, the Associate General Manager at The Cannery, joins us with all the details.

For Tickets & more info please contact GM Alyssa McDiarmid @ The Cannery – 949.566.0060.


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Taylor Pfaff, CEO, Left Coast Cellars, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Taylor PfaffIn 2003 the Pfaff Family arrived in Oregon on the plot that was to become Left Coast Cellars. In those early years there were just 35 acres of vines and a scruffy, prefabricated cottage. Nevertheless, the sweeping vistas, the canopies of 400 year-old oaks, and wild herons on the lake spoke of unimaginable potential. Since then, in fits and starts, The Pfaff Family has worked to bring out the magic inherent in this land.

“In the fifteen years since our beginnings, we have gone from a largely grape growing operation with long term contracts with fellow Oregon producers, a wonderful opportunity to establish the high quality of our fruit, to an all Estate commitment. We farm 142 acres of vines on our nearly 500-acre Estate, largely sedimentary soil laid down by the Missoula floods and some volcanic soil as well. We grow and meticulously tend our vines and grapes, handcraft our wines and bottle them on site, a fusion of art and science, most certainly a labor of love.”

We take a holistic approach to everything at Left Coast, sustainability being at the core of all we do. We received the largest USDA grant in Oregon in 2008 to go solar, and the vast majority of our estate’s electrical needs are supplied by the ground and roof mounted solar arrays. Our winery and vineyards are LIVE certified, Salmon Safe, and we were one of just six producers that went to a third-party verification in the initial Carbon Neutral Challenge, originally under the aegis of the Governor’s Office, now folded into LIVE as a Carbon Reduction program.”

Younger son, Taylor Pfaff, stepped into the CEO position the summer of 2016. He brings the experience of 6 harvests in the cellar under the excellent mentorship of Winemaker Joe Wright, along with a MBA in Wine and Spirits from the Kedge Business School of the University of Bordeaux.

Taylor Pfaff pulls the cork on Left Coast Estate for us.


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Kyle Meyer, Proprietor, Wine Exchange, Santa Ana

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeFor the end of the year there is always the dilemma of what wines to pair with the culinary delights of the various Holiday tables. We’re also looking for quality wines as gifts yet we don’t want to break the bank.

To the rescue comes our resident wine authority, Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange. The thoughtful buying philosophy of Wine Exchange is to purchase “little wines” from great producers. That’s where the great value comes in.

Kyle has the first installment of his best picks for quality and value for the Holidays. We’ll start with an outstanding Grower Champagne (Sanger Brut Grand Cru NV Blanc de Blanc Terroir Natal) that pairs well with most everything and comes with a heck of a good story.

“It’s not often you get to tell a story like this one and it’s also important to understand that this probably couldn’t happen here. True we don’t have Champagne vineyards close by like the high school that is the center of this story does. But, honestly, high school students being allowed to get involved with the production of alcoholic beverages simply wouldn’t play in America, period. This unique co-operative source all came about by a series of events.”

“In 1919, the war and phylloxera had pretty much trashed many wine producing areas in France. The Puisards, a successful merchant couple with no heirs, decided to donate their lands to the government on the condition that there would be a winemaking school created in Avize. That school, Avize Viti Campus, was officially founded in 1927 and, in 1952, the students and teachers along with local cellarmasters and winemakers, collaborated to produce a Champagne at the school.”

“Champagne Sanger is that Champagne, and it is a nod to the success of the school and the collaborative process, as well as the passing of practical knowledge from one class to another. Sanger is 100% Chardonnay, coming exclusively from the Grand Cru vineyards belonging to the school, from areas of Cramant, Oger and Avize, some owned by the school and some from local growers who are alumni. It sees 60 months en tirage (the minimum is only 15 months for the appellation) and is finished to a dosage of 6g/l.”

“It is extra brut without being overly aggressive, comes off as bone dry yet shows plenty of fruit (so many low dosage efforts are painfully dry) and plays sensationally with both food and by itself. This is truly Champagne made by Champenois and we recommend it highly for its price performance (all Grand Cru fruit for under $45!) and distinctive styling.  It also has some unique character points as, along with the typical brioche, citrus and apple elements one typically finds from the area, there is also and engaging spice nuance and notes that remind one of red berries. Very cool bubbles from a very unique source, and very little of it crosses the ‘Pond’.”


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Chef’s Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining, Part 1

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at Cabana 14 at the Cove at Pechanga Resort and CasinoThe Holidays are fast approaching and it’s time for the return of our Ask the Chef” segment with our own resident cooking authority, Chef Andrew Gruel. Chef Andrew provides a bevy of his always reliable best tips for stress-free Holiday entertaining. There is much more than turkey on the Holiday table…

To brine or not to brine that is perhaps the Thanksgiving question? How do you get all the parts of the turkey to cook evenly?


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Chef’s Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining, Part 2

Andrew and William GruelThe Holidays are fast approaching and it’s the continuation of our Ask the Chef” segment with our own resident cooking authority, Chef Andrew Gruel. Chef Andrew resume providing a bevy of his always reliable best tips for stress-free Holiday entertaining.

Chef Andrew covers tips for defrosting a frozen turkey. How do you work seafood onto the Holiday table? Being creative with the sides…What’s for dessert?


Show 296, November 3, 2018: Executive Producer Andy Harris with more musings on Cabo San Lucas aboard Ruby Princess

Producer Andy Harris riding NakaiThere are more high seas adventures to share on our 5-day voyage to Cabo San Lucas aboard Princess CruisesRuby Princess celebrating the 6-year Anniversary of the “SoCal Restaurant Show” on AM 830 KLAA.

Executive Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris will highlight notable shore excursions in Cabo San Lucas (including the not-to-be-missed Cabo Dolphin Center) and also recount a meaningful example of exemplary customer service aboard Ruby Princess.